Beer Die

Beer Die behind The Foxy

BBDO 2010 Trophy Presentation Ceremony

Brownie’s Beer Die Open (BBDO) Commish, the Master of Ceremonies, introduces the BBDO 2010 champions, hall-of-fame inductees and reveals the Brockton birthplace of Brownie’s Beer Die Open.


Rickey Henderson

In case you missed it, in body or mind, watch the awards ceremony from last August’s BBDO 2010. We hear from the commish himself, who admits he was inspired by the Foxy (House), as he presents Lord Brownie’s Cup to the 2010 champions. We also hear from the latest BBDO hall-of-fame inductees, who’ve gathered “momentum” in the BBDO’s eight-year history to walk among such greats as Dave Comis.

Said 2010 inductee Mike H.:

“In the words of Rickey Henderson, ‘Dave Comis was the symbol of defensive excellence, but today, I’m the greatest of all time.'”

The BBDO inducts Jeremy Michael Russell into the Hall of Fame. Older brother Josh accepts the honor on his behalf.

Beer Die

The House behind The Foxy

Foxy House

Winter time.

As he rounded the abandoned movie theatre, emerging as an island fortress in the paved parking lot sea, the house set back in the woods behind the Foxy crept into view.

The late-night police calls, the emergency trips to the hospital after someone caught bloody Hell in the teeth, the multitude of damage working in red vengeance against a black-inked profit explained weight of the image which flashed into his mind upon first glance of the house. A photograph of the name carved deep into the front porch’s wooden banister. ‘SCUDDER.’

Jay parked by the front lawn. The cool night air kissed his face exiting the vehicle and he looked upon the abode while ambling up a cracked, uneven cement path leading to the doorstep. ‘I’m just going to check on them,’ he thought. It’s important to monitor one’s investments.

Heavy evening blanketed the 2-story’s living walls in palpable silence. Only the peaked roof poked through into a deeply speckled indigo sky scribbled with black tree branches creeping around his renovated structure. Aside from the full Moon’s incandescent silk beaming down to the bottom dweller, the only Light sublimed from vertically rectangular windows, nostrils set into dew-kissed clapboards exhaling the warm yellow glow of inside lamps. The petrified wooden porch slats creaked as he stepped up to the front door resonating to the beat of low wave bass and high-pitched percolating chatter. He knocked on the vibrant wall and waited a drummer’s count. He noted the fresh carvings etched into the wooden railings and not yet weathered or worn by time. ‘SCUDDER’ had faded, but he would never forget that.

A 1; a 2; a 1-2-3-4.

The door swung open slowly wide, revealing Lordi, wearing nothing but a pair of wrinkled boxers, his wiry frame silhouetted against the bright inviting background. His flat stare slapped Jay in the face. Then the lanky leaf dangling on a door handle greeted him in a low monotone, “Whatt’s aHPP, duude?

Beer Die

Boston Herald sez ‘Lllllllet’s get ready to Rumble!’

"Llllllet's get ready to Rumble!"

For all you lushes out there getting ready for Beer Die, keep in mind Brownie’s Beer Die Open made it to the paper last year. This is no longer for shits and beer goggles. The Greater Boston area now focuses its discerning gaze upon Abington come the sweltering mid-August tournament.

Know your competition. Read up on the strategy that Mike H. and Shane C. employed to take home Lord Brownie’s Cup. When we finally realize we can’t become Masters of the Universe, we enlighten toward “a beer competition to die for.”

Beer Die

Beer Die across the nation

Recorded history of Beer Die reaches back to the early 1980s, when frats at Colby College in Maine sat behind closed doors and played, according to the official Beer Die site. Brownie’s Beer Die Open (BBDO) commissioner Jay Brown said he once met a Colby alum, who affirmed he was playing as early as 1978, coincidentally the year the BBDO commish was born. Yet neither the official site nor Brown himself can confirm when this drinking game first began. Many accounts conflict on the Internet as the sitting-down version spreads west across the country.

It’s reached at least as far as the Lone Star State.

This reporter “tweeted” the hash tag #BeerDie, on the popular social networking site Twitter, and struck a chord all the way in Corpus Christi, Texas…

…then again, that’s Beer Die sitting down. Everybody, who plays South Shore Beer Die, stand up.