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Beer Die behind The Foxy

BBDO 2010 Trophy Presentation Ceremony

Brownie’s Beer Die Open (BBDO) Commish, the Master of Ceremonies, introduces the BBDO 2010 champions, hall-of-fame inductees and reveals the Brockton birthplace of Brownie’s Beer Die Open.


Rickey Henderson

In case you missed it, in body or mind, watch the awards ceremony from last August’s BBDO 2010. We hear from the commish himself, who admits he was inspired by the Foxy (House), as he presents Lord Brownie’s Cup to the 2010 champions. We also hear from the latest BBDO hall-of-fame inductees, who’ve gathered “momentum” in the BBDO’s eight-year history to walk among such greats as Dave Comis.

Said 2010 inductee Mike H.:

“In the words of Rickey Henderson, ‘Dave Comis was the symbol of defensive excellence, but today, I’m the greatest of all time.'”

The BBDO inducts Jeremy Michael Russell into the Hall of Fame. Older brother Josh accepts the honor on his behalf.