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Top 10 Reasons why the iPhone is not the answer to everything (I’d rather rock the BlackBerry and iPod)

“Ohhh! The humanity!”

#10. You can avoid the “all your eggs in one basket” phenonemon. If I lose my BlackBerry, or it breaks, I still have my iPod and vice versa. Not so with the iPhone. You lose that and you’re out of luck.

 #9. Both the BlackBerry and iPod are more tactile than the touchscreen iPhone. I can operate an iPod without even looking at it. The BlackBerry’s physical keyboard has no equal in the smartphone arena.

  #8. Twice the battery power (both the BlackBerry and iPod have their own separate power source).

  #7. This may just be personal preference, but operating two separate devices simultaneously seems to make more sense. For instance, as I type this message into my BlackBerry, the earbuds’ wire hooked into my iPod hangs clear away from the keyboard. No need for a cord to get in the way while I hunt and peck like Jack Kerouac.

  #6. It feels nice, refreshing even, to go against the flow of iPhone clones who drank the Kool-Aid and are now sailing behind Comet Hale-Bopp with Marshall Applewhite, Steve Jobs and the rest of the deceased cult leaders, all of whom will undoubtedly careen right through Heaven’s Gate and into oblivion.

  #5. Don’t have to worry when Siri becomes self-aware and automatically forwards all of those seething unsent emails to your ex, because the smartphone A.I. gets jealous of her master’s extracurricular relationships, with… you know… people.

  #4. I’m sure thieves would much rather steal a shiny new iPhone than some “shabby” BlackBerry and an old iPod.

  #3. BTW, the newest BlackBerry BOLD 9900 has the same signature sleek physical keyboard AND a touch screen. This tandem coupled with an overhaul of the mobile browser allow for at least as rich a surfing experience as the iPhone. And I’ll race good old tactile QWERTY against anyone on the on-screen keyboard any day.I’ve since tested this theory. Met a girl, with an iPhone, in a bar. She smoked me not once, but twice. I’m sure the Apple autocorrect aided her greatly. And the second time, she could have just cut&pasted the test sentence. Either way, when it came to The quick brown fox jumping over the lazy dogs, this fox was not quick enough.

  #2. The BlackBerry is an instrument of communication; the iPhone… a toy. Eat Life cereal, if you want to get in touch with the kid in you. The adult in me says ‘Do it. If you know what’s good for ya.’

  #1. And the No. 1 reason why I’d rather rock the BlackBerry/iPod and not a run-of-the-mill iPhone…

“BlackBerry” just sounds better.

… Wow. I really need a girlfriend.