short stories

Pass me the sugahh!

March 4, 2014:

Day 2 of #CoffeeProblemz

Upon confirmation from a roommate who shares the cream, it may not have turned. This could be true, as the new cream has yielded a similar taste in the coffee. And it’s fresh. I’ve also changed the coffee altogether. Brand new beans, freshly grounded, brewed and mixed with untainted dairy.

Still. The taste.

With each sip, my pallet painstakingly scours for the flavor revelation that will indicate what is off about this particular cup of joe. I know it’s not the container. After yesterday morning’s mishap, I rinsed out the trusty Thermos and refilled with some cool, refreshing H2O to wash out that undesired bitterness. May as well have been drinking from the open spring of Mount Monadnock Herself.

I am scientific in my approach to isolate the cause. It’s not the container; it’s neither the coffee nor the cream. This leaves only the water used to brew said cup and the maker responsible for the brewing. Did someone run dish soap and hot water through a brew to clean it out? Perhaps the sudsy residue is causing that base taste. Could the old city pipes dispensing that tap water have rusted over, shedding flakes of oxidized metal into the flow, hardening the liquid into an unhealthy concoction…

Oh, wait…

Could someone pass me the sugar?


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