Preparation + Opportunity

Unrequited love—unknown by the one loving—was an ugly thing. The beloved rejected his attention like some fine-tuned immune system would attack unwanted alien pathogens, falling victim to the ferocity of a white-blooded, billion-cell offensive.

The inevitable emotional scarring numbed his once vibrant ability to shower affection. Warm light waves that freely flowed from the ends of his every extremity decayed. His extremities retracted, in fact, withered under the disuse of inactivity. A jade film colored everything apathetic.

Although the human heart (figuratively speaking) is far more resilient than any biological system. It can rebuild, regenerate, revive, resurrect. And a forgotten and dead soul blossomed again, like some Lazarus-like lilac.

From the ashes, he burned brighter than that white-hot daisy wheel in the sky. He propelled from the fiery plume of a rocket 10 stories taller than the Empire State Building. Its divine impetus inspired an original explosion unlike light, in only that its speed exceeded it.

So don’t fret young, sunken soul. Be patient. Conserve. Self-preserve. Angle your gaze outward and open your heart. Dust off those ever so tender electrodes.

True love ignited that day, from a single spark.


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