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Top 10 Things I’d Ask Conan O’Brien en route to TBS

When NBC gave Coco the heave ho earlier this year and forbade him from appearing on television, the 6-foot-4 redhead from Brookline barked back with “The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television” tour.

The tour was a success, selling out all across the nation. It also marked a series of firsts for the writer-turned-TV personality. For the first time in his life people had paid to see him, O’Brien had said on stage at one of his 40-plus tour stops. The clean-cut comedian also let it all hang out sporting a fiery beard (reminiscent of the writers’ strike not too long ago) and hauled his axe on stage to shred some Slash-like power chords with the Max Weinberg Seven.

Now that Conan’s tour is over, it looks as though he has some free time on his hands, before he and his staff land the 11 o’clock spot on TBS weeknights starting in November. The prolific comedian may want to take this (rare) opportunity to reflect on his career, as well as look over the horizon toward things unknown to come.

While O’Brien delves into the Cone Zone, OMD issues the next installment of its Twitter experiment. This time entitled “Top 10 Things I’d Ask Conan O’Brien en route to TBS.”


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