My heart truly beats

I’m more soluble than salt in the universal solvent
Dissolving into the feeling of being alive,
I drink from an overflowing fountain tapped into the human spirit

My color is clear
my fabric, smooth liquid
that resonates with the low rumble of the Big Wave

I take the form of my container
whose limits are bound only by the speed of light
and imagined possibility

Horizons blur between mind and environment
The gap between many and one becomes none
The illusion of separation itself evaporates into nothing but a notion

And my heart truly beats


Long ago…

Long ago, I chose a single path for myself. Point A would lead to Point B. From there, Point C would logically follow. The strategy resembled man’s rudimentary understanding of time, which many posited to take a linear course. That we all followed a single, unbroken thread. This, of course, never panned out and for a while I could not figure why. If I could not change how the chaos of reality (i.e. the world outside of my control) functioned, then I would evolve my thinking.

I adopted a multi-point plan. I would pursue many paths at once, always leaving my options open. When in the moment—in the present, yet mindful of the future and knowledgeable of the past—I would select which point made the most sense then. Stepping upon those impromptu stones, a new array of possibilities would present themselves. At the next chance to make a choice, I selected the firmest situated stone, at this point further into the future.

Sometimes I’d make missteps, but those provided the silver lining of a learning opportunity. The next time I’d see a similar stone before me, I’d know not to lean so heavily upon it.

This is the nature of the Universe, or our perceivable reality. We’re not granted one set path that lies before us, ready to walk. There are infinite routes, which we alter at each fork. They are based in the information available and our intuition of best possible outcomes, from the actions we take at these pivotal junctures.