Gurus say…

Gurus say “Live life in the moment.” The past and future are mere figments of our imagination. To live in those realms is to live life in a dream. To sleepwalk.

I think a lot of people live for the future, however, because they realize their present situation is not good. And they want to make it better. They know, or at least have an unwavering faith, that when they accomplish that goal, when they solve that problem, when they meet that person that completely and utterly shifts their life into almost an elevated consciousness, they know then that things will be better. And the present is tolerable, but that’s not why they live. They live for that ideal, that faith in something bigger, greater, more real or more beautiful.

Our mortal bodies will all eventually succumb to entropy and decay. They will return to the dust from whence they came. But the notion, the idea lives on. Ever searching, ever hoping, ever believing that there is a place greater than this. An infinite love that finally feels like home.


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